Review- “Battles On”- The Ghost is Dancing

“Battles On” by the indie rock sextet known as The Ghost is Dancing is ambitious, no doubt about that.

It is a record full of catchy hooks that will get you singing, varied guitar sounds and fantastic vocal harmonies. Many of the songs start off subdued and then explode into amazing finishes. However, it will take a few listens to remember some of the songs.

The opening track, “Dream of a Failed Architect” immediately grabs your attention. There are no buildups- it just begins immediately with thundering drums and sets the epic sound for the album.

It moves onto their first single, the title track “Battles On”. This was the track that got me listening to the Ghost is Dancing and it is a fantastic song. There are many good vocal variations and has a very catchy “ba ba ba ba ba ba ba bada” hook that will get you loving the song.

“Rogues and Heroes” is next and reels you in with a continuous “na na na na na” and has my favourite part of the whole album “The line between rogues and villains/Has never been that easy to see.”

I could go into track-to-track detail but it’s not neccessary for every song. The next two tracks, “This Thunder” and “Stick Together” are good songs but there is nothing particularly memorable about them. The next standout track for me is “Louis Riel” which somehow manages to be both happy and sad at the same time.

“Was A Universe” is another great song. It is a slow song but it pierces your heart because of the great vocal harmonies and lyrical content of the two singers. Lesley Davies and Jamie Matechuk.

The following song, “Flashing Pictures” can only be described as epic. It is roughly eight and a half minutes, with pretty much every instrument the band possesses in it. It changes rhythms and tempos several times and is just thrilling to listen to in general.

Overall, it seems like The Ghost is Dancing knows what they’re doing. They did not hold anything back in this album and it shows. Though many of these songs are catchy and fun to listen to it will take a few listens to start to remember the beats and rhythms. Though not perfect this album is definitely reccomended.

Top Tracks: “Battles On” // “Lous Riel” // “Was A Universe” // “Flashing Pictures”

3 Hoots + *swoop*

Their music is hard to find on Youtube so you’ll have to settle for their acoustic cover of Waterfalls by TLC.

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