Blog name change!

As anyone who actually reads my blog posts may note, I have changed the name of my blog to denote the change that is happening in its content. As I have mentioned over the past few posts I have decided that this blog is going to start covering only Canadian indie music and news that affects it. I won’t be deleting my other posts but starting tomorrow I will start to blog about just the Canadian indie music scene.

All I can say is I’m glad that I have finally found some focus in my blogging. I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to mention Twilight in another post and hopefully Twilight and the Canadian indie scene will never cross paths. That will be the day hell breaks loose.

The name “Grayowl Point” comes from an area near why I live. It’s actually a street name among other street names that have to do with nature. Streets like “Swirlingleaves” and “Stonecreek” are some other names. My friend Anser and I were discussing what we would call our first album if we ever made music and decided that “Grayowl Point” would definitely be the album’s name.

Perhaps it still will. Who knows?

Tomorrow, expect a review of The Ghost is Dancing’s latest album entitled “Battle’s On.”

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