Back and- I’ve found what I want to do?

So I haven’t totally abandoned this blog, promise. I was actually on a vacation in Cuba for a week, so I didn’t go on the internet at all. Apparently the internet there was pretty slow anyways, so I didn’t really want to take my chances. Besides, it was only a week.

I had lots of fun just generally relaxing but I didn’t start writing this blog post just to tell anyone who atually reads this what I did in Cuba.

Actually, I wrote this because I think I know what I want to start doing with this blog. Last week I was having a chat with one of my good friends and he noticed that I was blogging an awful lot of indie music, but more specifically Canadian indie music.

And so he got me thinking, and he suggested that I maybe focus on Canadian indie music for this blog. If I did decide to do this, I would do album reviews and report on any major music news. As well, I’m planning to get a voice recorder soon and start interviewing local bands and maybe even bands from other provinces if I’m able to. I may also still rant about things from time to time. For some reason my Twilight rant is what has been drawing people to my blog lately. Who knew?

For anyone who actually reads this thing, what are your opinions? I’m very open to discussion. I’ll leave with this picture. Enjoy.

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