Review: “Reintegration Time”- Shout Out Out Out Out

Try saying that name ten times without losing your breath. I’ve decided that if I happen to purchase an album by a Canadian independent artist, I will review their album online, since pretty much no one else will.

And so today I review the album Reintegration Time by Shout Out Out Out Out who hail from Edmonton, Alberta. Admittedly, I would have never heard of them had I not listened to CBC Radio 3 so regularly. It was their song “Remind Me in Dark Times” that really got me into them. Now, usually I don’t risk buying an album unless I like more than one track, but there was something interesting about them. I think that it was the fact that they are very heavy on the electronic side.

Shout Out Out Out Out is a six-piece band and I imagine if I were to see them live in concert it would be a blast. While I’m not quite sure what each individual member does, their collective sound is impressive. The first thing that surprised me was the lengths of their song. For any of their songs to be under five minutes would be surprising. Their opening song, Run, comes closest, at 5:25.

Run is an interesting song to start the album off. Featuring absolutely no vocals, it sort of braced me for the rest of the songs. Even though the album consists of ten tracks, it took over an hour to listen to all of the tracks. However, with that being said no one track was too gratuitous.

The standout songs on this album, in my opinion anyways are Guilt Trips Sink Ships and In The End It’s Your Friends. Both feature the unique vocal style- if you could call it that- that makes Shout Out Out Out Out stand out out out out, if you’ll forgive the small joke. The voice is heavily synthesized, but not god-awful like a rapper singing through an Auto-Tuner.

What prevents me from giving this album a perfect grade is the last song of the album, Reintegration Time (it’s the name of the last song and also the album confusing huh?). While it starts off well, the song ends with very minimal instruments that drag on for what seems like forever. It was this small bit of gratuity that made me not absolutely rave about this.

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