Inspirational indie songs

While going through my lovely Dashboard provided to me by WordPress, I noticed that one of the top searched items that led to my blog was “inspirational indie songs.” Now, I’m not sure how much I can actually say the following reccomended songs will be inspirational, but they are all wonderful and upbeat songs that will brighten one’s day. Even songs with a title that may not sound that pleasant. You’ll see what I mean.

Gentleman Reg- “How We Exit”- This song is a wonderful song oozing with positive energy. Even if you don’t like this song, you’ll end up with its beat and lyrics stuck in your head for a long while. It happened to me, but I loved the song, so.

Sebastien Grainger and the Mountains- “I Hate My Friends”- This was the song with the unpleasant title I mentioned. Despite what it’s called, it’s a really great rock and roll song, also with a chorus that gets stuck in your head. “I hate my friends/most most most of the time/it never ends” sings Grainger as you continue to wonder how much more awesome the song can become.

Shout Out Out Out Out- “Remind Me In Dark Times”- This song, in advance warning, approaches the nine minute mark, almost. It may even seem like the length is not needed, but there’s something about the song that really dragged me into it. I especially dig the chorus which repeats “What part of this is mine?” I loved this song so much that I was driven to go and buy Shout Out Out Out Out’s latest album, Reintegration Time a few weeks ago.

Dan Mangan- “Robots”- I already explained the charm and appeal of this one in a previous post. I post this song here again because it so wonderful.

Dog Bus- “Robot”- Continuing with the robot trend for a minute, I just heard this song yesterday. It was one of the first times I really wanted to just get up and dance, even though I was sitting in front of my computer listening to CBC Radio 3. You’ll find yourself singing the hook “I wish I had a robot/That would be so hot” over and over again if you listen to this song.

The Ghost is Dancing- “Battles On”- It’s a nifty little tune. I really have nothing else to say about it.

Meatdraw- “Are We Gonna Die?”– The song is more or less about the end of the world, but you’ll never see a more upbeat tune about the subject. Who says emo kids are the only ones who can have a say about how the world will end?

All of these songs can be found by visiting and looking up the artist or band’s page.

That’s my suggestion list for the time being. I seriously need something to write about. Inspiration, where art thou?

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