Goodness- I’m telling you all to listen to a hip hop album?

You’ve heard me right. I, who am a huge fan of electronic and alternative music am telling you all to go and listen to some hip hop.

Rap and I used to be good friends way back in grade six. That was when I struggled to fit in with everyone and listened to 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg to seem cool. Don’t worry though, I snapped out of that phase a year later. I didn’t become the indie snob that I am now until later.

Anyways, so let me get to the point of this posting. Recently, Canadian rapper Buck 65 made a very epic contribution to the music scene of Canada. Not only did he write three epic albums, entitled Dirtbike 1-3 (individually Dirtbike 1, Dirtbike 2 and Dirtbike 3), but they are free downloads from his website! You heard me right.

And they’re not any wimpy offerings either- according to Buck 65 himself he wrote 70 songs and each album is about an hour in length.

Now the main hatred I have for rap and hip hop is the pointlessness of it nowadays. I love the good old days of rap, when “Let Your Backbone Slide” by Maestro Fresh Wes was big. I personally love listening to that kind of stuff. Rap wasn’t talking about drugs, guns and scantily clad women. They had good messages- for example “911 is a Joke” by Public Enemy kind of speaks for itself.

Buck 65 has managed to (for the most part) not touch on these subjects, and this was part of the draw for me. You have to give the man credit- being a Canadian rapper is very difficult to carry as a career. And he’s not asking anyone to pay a single cent for his music either. He is very admirable in my eyes.

Currently I am listening to Dirtbike 1 and even though I was initially taken aback by the hip hop, I’ve managed to bring myself to like it. When I do pay attention to the lyrics I notice they’re not at all repetetive like the song “A Milli” by scum-of-the-Earth (oops, did I get the name wrong?) As well, it utilizes a full range of instruments, not just a synthesizer and a bassline. I managed to hear a piano in the last song I just heard.

So anyways, head to to get the download code. I highly reccomend that you download these albums. Help give a little life to the Canadian hip hop scene.

This sounds like the entire antithesis of my being, I know, but I’m not going slowly insane, I swear. I leave you with a song that got Buck 65 a lot of attention- Devil’s Eyes.

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