Staff Profiles



Michael Thomas

Hello, I’m Michael, the founder of Grayowl Point.

I really fell in love with the Canadian independent music scene when I began listening to CBC Radio 3 in February of 2009. Suddenly I was immersed in a world of bands I would never have heard of and I loved it. I have far too many favourite acts to name at this point, but some all-time favourites would be Chad VanGaalen, Owen Pallett, Ghostkeeper and Christian Hansen.

Aside from music I am part of the editorial staff at Digital Journal. I enjoy crossword puzzles, collecting awesome TV shows on DVD, reading and trying to get lost in the city.


Laura Stanley

Hey everybody, I’m Laura. When not quoting movies and tv shows, under a pile of books, or drinking tea, I’m here writing about the mellower side of Canadian music. I’m also working on my Master’s degree in Canadian & Indigenous Studies.

Long live physical media!

Elena Gritzan

By day, I am a third year student at the University of Toronto double-majoring in Chemistry and Psychology (I kind of like brains). But by night, I go to shows. My mother likes to joke that I am actually in Toronto to get a “bachelors of concert-going”. I have been writing obsessively since about age 10, but have traded in long amateurish fantasy novels for enthusing about my musical passions. My heart explodes for inventive genre-melding, baritone ukulele, and salt and vinegar chips.

You can find me here or at my other musical “day job”, editing U of T’s music magazine.



Eleni Armenakis
After graduating from the University of Ottawa, I took off to the UK to get another degree in English Lit–staving off homesickness with the help of CBC Radio 3 and all the Canadian bands that filled up my iTunes. I hosted an all-new and mostly Canadian music show on CHUO in Ottawa, and I’m now studying radio at Humber College—doing time on air at our all-Canadian music station. I’ve edited an arts magazine and write arts and lifestyle pieces for blogs and papers.
You can find me on Twitter @EleniArmenakis.


Jack Derricourt

Jack Derricourt was born in the same London hospital as Sex Pistols guitar hero Steve Jones. Since moving to Canada, he has written for Feedback magazine, toured along the longest highway in the world, and become a literary music journalism obsessive. He currently lives in the fourth largest city in North America. He remains uncertain as to who would win in a deadly karaoke throwdown: Phil Spector or Brian Eno.


elysse cloma

Elysse Cloma

I’m Elysse. When I was 14, I attended my first show in East Vancouver. I fell in love with indie music and we’ve been together ever since.

Things have changed a lot since 2008: I’m slightly taller and I now live in Toronto. Still, my unquenched thirst for new music, obsessive Internet surfing habits, and fan girl tendencies will probably never change.

I am an introvert that loves to socialize, a health nut with a sweet tooth, and a craft beer lover with a gluten sensitivity. Some less paradoxical facts about me are that I play drums in a band called The Lonsdales, I dabble as a concert reviewer and photographer, and I am passionate about social justice.

With an eternal devotion, I write for Grayowl, to document the many musical creatures that inhabit the immense landmass called Canada.


Anna Alger

Hi everyone, I’m Anna. Growing up in Calgary, I have recently relocated to Toronto where I am studying theatre at York University. Since falling irrevocably in love with Canadian indie music as a pre-teen, it’s been one of my passions to promote the work of the great artists of this country. Aside from being a musician and creator of theatre, I enjoy volunteering, travelling, socializing, attending many an event related to the arts, and of course – writing. I am also a vegetarian who is vocal about environmental and political issues. You can find me here.

3 Responses to Staff Profiles

  1. Hi GrayOwl Point…we are Sister Gray (could we be a distant cousin to GrayOwl?)
    We would like you to review our EP Close The Night. We are currently working with Jo at Musebox. You can hear our EP on our myspace page. We look forward to your review!
    Diana Graling
    Sister Gray

  2. Mars Rover says:

    We are a Canadian group called Mars Rover. The album is called “The Landing”.

    Here is the link for your review:

    Thanks for your time
    Kobie Beharrysingh
    Mars Rover

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