About Grayowl Point and the “Hoots” system

Grayowl Point is a blog focused on the Canadian music scene at large. Our mission is to spread the word about good music. This means we only write about the music we like. If you’re on our blog, it means we like what you have to offer. The site feature album reviews, interviews, live show reviews and the occasional spotlight of singles and music videos. While our team is based in Toronto, we turn an eye to all Canadian provinces and territories.

The rating system is an ascending order of hoots. It is as follows:

  • Young Hoot (Decent)
  • Strong Hoot (Good)
  • Proud Hoot (Really good)
  • Hunting Call (Excellent)

If an album is highly recommended a *swoop* will be added at the end, just like an owl swoops for its prey.

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