An explanation of Grayowl Point and the “Hoots” system

Now that Unlikely Inspirational Flash has turned into Grayowl Point I feel I should explain what’s happening now.

Grayowl Point, as it has been made clear already, will be focusing on the Canadian indie music scene. This blog will include album reviews, interviews, music news and even rants if we are able to find something to get angry about.

The rating system is using the (hopefully) original system of hoots. It will follow in this order:

  • Young Hoot (Decent)
  • Strong Hoot (Good)
  • Proud Hoot (Really good)
  • Hunting Call (Excellent)

If an album is highly recommended a *swoop* will be added at the end, just like an owl swoops for its prey.

There is also a section called “Beyond the Hoots.” This section will focus on one artist a month and provide more in-depth detail of them and why they are so awesome. They will be called “Parliament’s Choice” because a group of owls is collectively known as a parliament.

Also, I have added a “U.I.F.” in front of the categories that housed my old posts. U.I.F. is just the acronym for the site’s old name, Unlikely Inspirational Flash.

Hopefully this will explain things.

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