Review – “Karateka” – Texting Mackenzie

reviewed by Laura Stanley 

With a rising popularity and appreciation for outrageous dance-pop-rock musicians, Texting Mackenzie should expect to see a surge in their fan base.

What sets Texting Mackenzie apart from their competition is their musical creativity. Not restricting themselves to just a few instruments or one song style, Robin Jools Wright, Alex Ricci and Christian Ingelevics include synthesized drums, banjos, harmonicas, and have songs that range from quiet acoustic to dance to surf rock.

With sarcastic and humorous elements to songs like, “Funny Bastard” and the very clever “End Of The World” (A love song about the world ending in 2012), “Karateka” is an album filled with ambition and energy.

The opening acoustic track “Keeping It Yeats” is on another level compared to the rest of “Karateka.” With a catchy melody and the lead singer, Wright, showing off his impressive vocal range, “Keeping It Yeats” alone can take this band places.

The pop-punk “Late For Dinner” and “Kiddo” are two of the many songs which show off the great vocal harmonies from Wright and Ricci.

Similar to “Keeping It Yeats,” the ending track, “Okinawa,” begins with a quiet acoustic sound. The end of “Okinawa” quickly transforms into a classic rock tribute, ending the album on a thunderous guitar solo.

With such originality, solid vocals, and witty lyrics, Texting Mackenzie’s “Karateka” is definitely worth a listen.

Check out the album here:

Top Tracks: “Keeping It Yeats,” “End Of The World”

Rating: Young Hoot (Decent)


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